#RivetingReviews in November by Rosie Goldsmith

November’s #RivetingReviews are all by RivetingWomen! Thank you to Alison Cole, Aneesa Abbas Higgins, Cristina Muresan and Mika Provata-Carlone who review books from the Spanish, Italian, Romanian and French.

In this month’s top review Alison Cole tackles the ‘talk of the translated book world’, Elena Ferrante’s Frantumaglia, which we were delighted to launch on November 1st in collaboration with the publisher Europa Editions and with Waterstones Piccadilly. This highly anticipated book of essays and ‘fragments’, launched soon after the unveiling of Ferrante’s identity, is bound to stir passions – read Alison’s #RivetingReview and tell us what you think. Mika Provate-Carlone, another of our excellent regular reiewers, is joined by new reviewer-recruits Cristina Muresan and Aneesa Abbas Higgins. Dleighted to have them on board. Aneesa was so excited to be writing for us that she promptly reviewed TWO novels! And do remember that YOU too can review for us – but please read ‘The Rules’ HERE before you submit.

In October, with our special edition dedicated to Italian fiction, we began our new ‘country-focus reviews’, which we will be running over the next year, alternating with general reviews. Next month in December, our Guest Editor Judith Vonberg is curating a German edition of #RivetingReviews; in January 2017 we will focus on Dutch literature in English, to mark our High Impact All Stars Dutch extravaganza on 17th January at The Tabernacle in London – save the date. More info soon. February will be regular reviews and March 2017, to coincide with the Poland Market Focus at London Book Fair, we will dedicate our March #RivetingReviews to Polish literature.

#RivetingReviews are great opportunities for all of you – publishers, authors, translators, booksellers, reviewers and readers – to get international fiction out there, talked about, promoted, SOLD and READ! It costs you nothing, we work for free, so how about supporting US? We still need more professional reviewers and critics to join us for our afternoon ‘Reviewing Workshop’ on February 1st. Please give us an hour of your time to help support new reviewers of international fiction.

So, as they say on ‘Strictly’, Get Riveting

By Rosie Goldsmith

Category: ReviewsNov 2016


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