#RivetingReads: Morelle Smith recommends LE PAYS OÙ L’ON NE MEURT JAMAIS by Ornela Vorpsi

These are superbly drawn tales of growing up in communist Albania. Ironic, humorous and sometimes surreal, they tell the inside story of what it was like, and how she escaped.

Recommended by Morelle Smith

LE PAYS OÙ L’ON NE MEURT JAMAIS (The Country Where One Never Dies)

Written by Ornela Vorpsi

Published by Actes Sud (2003)

Morelle Smith is a writer of poetry, fiction and travel articles, with a particular interest in the Balkans, where she has worked as English teacher and aid worker. Her most recent books are the poetry collection Shaping the Water Path (diehard, 2017) and Open Roads and Secret Destinations (Bibliotheca Universalis, 2016) a collection of travel articles. Blog: https://rivertrain.blogspot.co.uk.Twitter: @Morellesullivan 

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