#RivetingReads: An Invitation to All Writers Everywhere!

from Rosie Goldsmith, Director European Literature Network

Dear Authors,
Apologies for the intrusion but I’m hoping this idea might intrigue you. Please ignore if it doesn’t. It won’t take much time – honestly.

Over the past few years I’ve had a wonderful time interviewing many of you at various events and festivals and chatting about life and books. It has been a genuine pleasure and privilege.

I’ve also most probably shared with you my enthusiasm for international literature in English and mentioned the work I do to support it, not as a paid PR or campaigner, not as an EU employee, but independently, as someone who cares deeply about the fact that we are missing out on some great authors and literature from other countries. I have organized events and workshops and presented podcasts and films, launched an online review magazine of translated literature called #RivetingReviews and started up a website www.eurolitnetwork.com which supports a whole host of people, organisations and events for free. As you know, very little foreign literature is translated into English. The situation is improving, though, and the time is ripe.

I wonder if you might consider participating in my latest idea, #RivetingReads?

The idea is to publish regular recommendations from published authors (you) of your favourite European reads in English translation. If you read in other languages and believe a book SHOULD be translated, then that counts too. Not reviews but simply ‘recommendations’. It can be ANY book of poetry, fiction, literary non-fiction, thrillers, short stories, classical or modern, from any country in Europe. To keep it easy, if you just HAPPEN to be reading something that you would happily recommend, then you might write me a couple of lines or a paragraph about it. We would then publish this here in our online magazine (in this new section of the website), with full accreditation and plug for any books you are writing. We are also very active on social media.

There is no deadline and no hurry. It would be just perfect if, over the next few months and beyond, you felt you might contribute – or know other writers who might wish to as well. Your contribution won’t be edited (within reason) but can’t be paid. Sorry but this is not for me, not for commercial gain, just to support some darn good foreign reads and the publication and translation of international literature in the UK.

Thank you for reading!

Rosie x

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