#RivetingReads: Alisa Ganieva Recommends Yury Trifonov’s THE HOUSE ON THE EMBANKMENT

This novel about childhood in Josef Stalin’s era of ubiquitous suspicion and informers makes any reader think deeply about how likely they would be to betray others just so they could enjoy the benefits of conformity.

Alisa Ganieva

The House on the Embankment

Written by Yury Trifonov


Alisa Ganieva is the author of three novels, The Mountain and the Wall, Bride and Groom and Salam, Dalgat!, as well as a collection of stories and essays. She has won several prizes in her native Russia, and in 2015, the UK’s the Guardian listed her among the thirty most talented young people in Moscow. Ganieva’s fiction has been translated and published in several countries.

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