#Riveting Reviews – July 2018. Introduction by West Camel

Amid the turmoil of the current discussions about Europe, this month – as every month – we provide a moment of certainty: certainty about the fact that writing from across the continent reaches our shores, is translated, and is read and valued by readers, writers and reviewers based in the UK.

From the north we have reviews of something seasonal – Tove Jansson’s Summer Book – as well as of Jo Nesbø’s re-writing of Macbeth and the inimitable Dag Solstad’s T Singer.

From the east come appreciations of Jacek Dehnel’s Lala, Mircea Eliade’s Gaudeamus and poetry by Lithuania’s Ilzė Butkutė.

We have crime fiction – from Germany in the shape of Andreas Pflüger’s In the Dark; and from France too, but in this case it’s Antoine Laurain employing the genre’s tropes to deliver a slice of humourous noir with Smoking Kills.

A special mention must be made of our review of a southern European novel: Belladonna by Daša Drndić. Just like our reviewer, Silvia Sovic, I will never forget my own experience of meeting Drndić, of hearing her read, and of the way she commanded not only her audience, but all those with whom she shared a stage. This great writer – and great European – will be missed. Let’s keep her work alive by reading, discussing and appreciating it, along with that of her colleagues across the continent.

By West Camel


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