Lit Link Festival in Croatia

The Lit Link Festival in Croatia is a three-day tour whose participants are writers, editors and publishers. This year the motto of the Lit Link Festival is “Despite Brexit” and the guests are British writers, editors and publishers.

At previous festivals, guests have come from the following countries: 2013 – USA; 2014 – Canada; 2015 – France; 2016 – Italy.

The festival consists of three evening readings in which both Croatian authors and British authors participate.

Translations are completed beforehand and will be projected onto a large screen during the readings. The readings will take place in the northern coastal cities of Pula (29th June, Centar Rojc) and Rijeka (30th June, Astronomski centar), as well as the inland capital, Zagreb (1st July, Club Močvara/Mochvara).

Pula programme:

29th June 2017, Thursday / 21:00 h – 23:30 h

“Dnevni boravak” in Rojc Centre; Gajeva street 3;

Free entry

Author’s readings:

Joanna Kavenna, Zeljka Horvat Cec (Željka Horvat Čeč), David Szalay, Boris Greiner, Samantha Harvey, Katarina Luketic (Luketić), Gary Budden, Natalija Grgorinic (Grgorinić) and Ognjen Raden (Rađen)

Present editors:

Anna Kelly (4th Estate/HarperCollins), Rosie Goldsmith (European Literature Network), Mitchell Albert (Periscope), Gary Budden (Influx Press), Nathan Connolly (Dead Ink Books)

Rijeka programme:

30th June 2017, Friday / 21:00 h – 23:30 h

Planetarium in Astronomski centar Rijeka; Sveti Križ street 33;

Free entry

Author’s readings:

Samantha Harvey, Igor Rajki, Joanna Kavenna, Zelimir Peris (Želimir Periš), Enver Krivac, David Szalay, Tea Tulic (Tulić), Gary Budden

Present editors:

Rosie Goldsmith (European Literature Network), Anna Kelly (4th Estate/HarperCollins), Mitchell Albert (Periscope), Gary Budden (Influx Press), Nathan Connolly (Dead Ink Books) 

Zagreb programme:

1st July 2017, Suturday / 18:30 h – 22:00 h

KLUB MOČVARA; address: Trnjanski nasip bb;

Free entry

Author’s readings:

Maja Rucevic (Ručević), Gary Budden, Ivan Vidak, Samantha Harvey, Zoran Feric (Ferić), Barbara Matejcic (Matejčić), Joanna Kavenna, Andrea Pisac, David Howard (special guest, New Zeland), Damir Karakas (Karakaš), David Szalay

Present editors:

Anna Kelly (4th Estate/HarperCollins), Rosie Goldsmith (European Literature Network), Nathan Connolly (Dead Ink Books), Gary Budden (Influx Press), Mitchell Albert (Periscope)


The hosts of the festival are the Artistic Director of the festival Robert Perisic (Perišić), a writer whose works have been translated in England and the U.S., and the festival’s coordinator, Ivan Srsen (Sršen), a writer, independent publisher and editor. The producer of the festival is the Croatian Writers Society.

The host on the stage will be Marko Pogacar (Pogačar), a writer and editor.

The Lit Link Festival plays out without a superfluous protocol, and in nice, informal spaces: “Dnevni boravak” in the Center Rojc in Pula, the Astronomski centar in Rijeka, and the club Močvara in Zagreb.

Some of the guests from festivals in previous years include: American authors Heidi Julavits, Adam Mansbach, Tao Lin, Buzz Poole, Canadian authors Miriam Toews, Sheila Heti, Shaughnessy Bishop-Stall, Kathryn Borel, French authors Dominique Fabre, Armand Gauz, Albena Dimitrova, David Fauquemberg, Italian authors Flavio Soriga, Francesca Borri, Adrian Bravi, Paola Soriga, Spanish voice performer Ernesto Estrella, and a number of authors and publishers: Richard Nash, John O’Brien, Anne Meadows, Zeljka Marosevic, Andi Winnette, Michael Stein, Dominique Bordes, Emmanuelle Collas, Marion Duvert, Evelyne Lagrange, Benoît Virot, Oliviero Toscani, Miriam Capaldo etc…

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