High Impact: Esther Gerritsen

Esther Gerritsen is an established novelist and playwright. Her successful novel Craving was published in English in 2015 and shortlisted for the Vondel Prize. Roxy was nominated for the Dutch Libris Literature Prize and film rights have been sold.

Craving by Esther Gerritsen

The relationship between Coco and her mother Elisabeth is uneasy, to say the least. Running into each other by chance, Elisabeth casually tells Coco that she is terminally ill. When Coco moves in with her mother in order to take care of her, aspects of their troubled relationship come to the fore once again. Elisabeth tries her best to conform to the image of a caring mother, but struggles to deal with Coco’s erratic behaviour and unpredictable moods.…

Roxy by Esther Gerritsen

Roxy learns that her husband has been killed in a car crash–along with his mistress. At just twenty-seven, she finds herself left with their daughter, their house, their car, his assistant, the babysitter and the shame of this inglorious end to their marriage. Her family tries to take care of her, but Roxy is not looking for consolation—she is looking for revenge. If only she knew how to get it.

Esther Gerritsen will talk to Rosie Goldsmith during the High Impact. Literature from the Low Countries event on 17 January at the Tabernacle in London. Other guests include Herman Koch, David Nicholls, Joost de Vries, Sam Garrett and Jonathan Gibbs.


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