French Book Week: Linn Molineaux

Linn Molineaux (1993) is an artist and writer based in Geneva, Switzerland. She graduated from Geneva’s Fine Arts College (Haute Ecole d’Art et de Design) in 2017 and exhibits her works regularly in Switzerland and internationally. Her first book, Regarde le bruit des montagnes (‘Watch the sound of mountains’)was published in 2018 by the editions Torticolis et frères and since then she has taken part in several literature events. Five of her works were published in the Anthology of Young Swiss French Poets by Vakxikon Publications in 2020. She was awarded Geneva’s Canton grant for new author in 2020 for her upcoming book Catadioptre (‘Reflector’)and will take part in the European Poetry Festival in London this fall. 2021 will definitely not see things slow down for Linn between her several collaborations in process, exhibitions coming her way, the publication of her second book, and a street poetry tour throughout French speaking Europe.

Photo of Linn Molineaux by Guillaume Chavaillaz

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