French Book Week: French literature publishing in the UK. An overview of the translated fiction market (July 2020) by Ulysse Roche

Ulysse Roche is sharing his findings on French literature publishing in the UK as part of the “Publishing Day” of the European Literature Network’s French Book Week 2020. He is currently conducting research for Oxford Brookes University on this subject. Nielsen Book Research shared the list of French fiction books published in the UK. In recent years, they highlighted a significant boom of translated fiction in general. But what about French fiction in the UK in particular?

Ulysse Roche studies Publishing at Oxford Brookes University and Comparative Literature at the École Normale Supérieure de Paris. He has worked as in-house and freelance editor for French literary agencies such as Hyphen-VMK. At Oxford Brookes University, Ulysse carries academic research on French Fiction publishing in the UK.

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