Euro Stars: Magdalena Tulli

Magdalena Tulli (born 20 October 1955 in Warsaw, Poland) is one of Poland’s leading writers. Awarded Kościelski Prize in 1995, shortlisted for the Nike Literary prize five times and awarded Gryfia and Gdynia Literary Prizes in 2012. Her novels include: Sny i kamienie, 1995 (Dreams and Stones, Archipelago Books, 2004); W czerwieni, 1998. (In red, Archipelago Books, 2011); Tryby, 2003 (Moving Parts, Archipelago Books, 2005), Skaza, 2006. (Flaw, Archipelago Books, 2007); Kontroler snów jako Marek Nocny (2007), Włoskie szpilki (2011) and Szum (2014. Her books have been translated into English, French, German, Russian, Croatian, Slovenian, Czech, Hungrian, Italian, Swedish, Latvian and Lithuanian. Tulli is also a translator of Marcel Proust, Fleur Jaeggy and Italo Calvino.

Magdalena Tulli will talk to Marta Dziurosz during our next *Euro Stars* event on 23 November at Waterstones Piccadilly. Other guests include Julia Fiedorczuk and Deborah Levy.

Photo credit: A. Błachut

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