#ELNetSTILLNeedsYou! #ELNetLiveAuction! Our final Crowdfunding Campaign week by Rosie (TheRiveter) Goldsmith

Thank you from the bottom of our European hearts for your donations and support over the past three weeks of our #ELNetneedsyou! Crowdfunding Campaign

But we STILL have one week to go! So, if you would STILL like to donate that would be fantastic – and there are some wonderful rewards STILL available!

Just click here or use the Paypal link on this website.

Our treat for you this week is the #ELNetLiveAuction at 18:00 BST 14th April. 

You know how much the ELNet team loves to try new things – and how much we love art and beautiful books – so what could be more fun and fabulous than a free Live charity Auction, open to you all (even if you don’t want to bid – but you WILL!), hosted by me Rosie The Red Riveter and the Greatest Art Showman himself, the painter and art tutor Ed Sumner? Original art works, from Axel The Gruffalo Scheffler to ‘Van Gogh’ and ‘Turner’, paintings and prices to suit everyone, as well as some gorgeous books, for example a signed first edition of Girl, Woman, Other by Bernardine Evaristo. It will run on Facebook via this link – and you don’t need to have a Facebook account to join in the fun.

My other reason for writing this special newsletter is to remind you of April’s #RivetingReviews published on Thursday 15th April, and, to properly welcome our two new Editorial Assistants, Rosie Eyre and Alice Banks. Amongst many other things, they are both literary translators from French and Spanish; they are both reviewers and writers and during the Crowdfunding campaign, which Alice has been mistress-minding, Rosie E has been running our social media. Today they have gone the extra mile: Rosie E has written a special tribute to ELNet after her first six months with us and Alice is publishing the first of her wonderful new Spanish books column, La Española. Her column joins our other regular riveting reads: The Italianist by Katia Gregor and Poetry Travels with Anna Blasiak and Lisa Kalloo.

Please make a date with La Espanola and don’t forget to click on the Crowdfunder link and – on Weds 14th at 18:00  BST – click on the ELNet Facebook link for our #ELNetLiveAuction!

By Rosie Goldsmith

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