ELNet October 2017 Newsletter by Rosie Goldsmith

You’ll be delighted to know that I’m not going to say very much in this newsletter. I’m saving up my words for October 9th and our next European Literature Network meeting at Europe House (please register with Anna Blasiak at anna.blasiak@yahoo.co.uk or contact@eurolitnetwork.com) which is one of the rare opportunities we have these days to share news and views in person – and with nuts and crisps.

Today is International Translation Day at the British Library – I’m sure you’ve all been limbering up and investing in sturdy shoes, also for this month’s Frankfurt Book Fair, London Literature Festival; for Birmingham, Manchester and Cheltenham Festivals.

18th October sees not only the publication of  The Nordic Riveter (Guest Editor, Gunnar Staalesen) – our third special edition after Poland and Russia – but the long-awaited Northern Noir symposium at Europe House in London.

Our next special edition Riveter magazine will cover the literature of the Baltic Countries and will be launched to coincide with the Baltics Market Focus at London Book Fair, 10th-12th April.  We are open for your Estonian-Latvian-Lithuanian reviews and extracts – in English. Before then we have our regular online monthly #RivetingReviews – if you’d like to review please read ‘the riveting rules’.

Our free Russian Riveter magazine, as well as the video and photos from August’s Riveting Russian Translation and Literature events at the British Library, can now be uploaded here.

31st October is the final submission date for The EBRD Literature Prize, a major new international literature prize shared between author and translator. Read all about it here. My fellow judges and I have already held our first meeting and received our first books. Prize-giving is 5th April 2018, just before London Book Fair.

Love, Rosie The Riveter

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