Editor Rosie Goldsmith introduces July’s #RivetingReviews

Eight Great #RivetingReviews for you this month – the perfect antidote to those sand-covered Summer Beach Reads. With titles like Melancholy or Rage or Lullaby For A Hanged Man you may not wish to brandish our #RivetingReads on the beach but why not start a trend: Riveting European summer reads to counteract the unsunny weather and political climate in the UK! Eight free summer breaks to Italy, Serbia, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Estonia, Spain and Iceland!

Our list of reviewers is growing (we always need more btw) and I am extremely pleased to welcome the American novelist and Renaissance Man Jonathan Levi to our ranks, as well as talented New Voices James Tookey and Jennifer Arnold.

We start July’s #RivetingReviews with my reading of Icelandic writer Sjon’s latest novel, Moonstone set in the historic year of 1918. Moonstone is simply a masterpiece. And we end this month’s reviews with Max Easterman reading the final part of the crime trilogy by the modern Polish master Zygmunt Miłoszewski.

By Rosie Goldsmith

Category: ReviewsJul 2016


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