On Edinburgh International Book Festival 2016

This year, the Edinburgh International Book Festival saw some excellent events discussing translation and European literature.

For a fascinating report on two of these events see Rebecca DeWald’s recent piece in The Glasgow Review of Books.

This article covers a discussion about the Man Booker International Prize involving European Literature Network members, Charlotte Collins and Daniel Hahn, and a conversation between translator Sarah Ardizzone and author Bessora about translating his graphic novel Alpha: Abidjan to Gare du Nord.


EIBF 2016: Redressing Imbalances: the Different Faces of Translation by Rebecca DeWald

The Glasgow Review of Books, 19 August 2016

The questions asked at this year’s EIBF translation events convey the feeling that translation has finally arrived in the consciousness of the audience: nobody asked about how “faithful” a translator would need to be to the original text and author, or stated that a translation could “obviously” never live up to the original. Instead, the questions focused on the detailed work of translators and the wide-ranging effects foreign texts in English translation exude…

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