Creative Multilingualism

Creative Multilingualism is a 4-year research programme led by the University of Oxford. It is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) as part of its ambitious Open World Research Initiative which aims to transform modern language research in the UK.

CM are investigating the connection between multilingualism and creativity through seven strands of research: Metaphor, Naming, Intelligibility, Creative Economy, World Literatures, Prismatic Translation and Language Learning.

There is an unprecedented crisis in Modern Languages in the UK with fewer and fewer pupils choosing to study languages at school and university. This leaves the UK without the language skills required to be successful in a global society, and means our children are missing out on the many benefits of language learning, from enhanced communication skills and a better understanding of other cultures, to richer creativity and improved brain function.

Alongside the research, CM are holding a series of workshops, exhibitions, events and activities in schools, museums, theatres and other public spaces to help highlight and celebrate the hidden multilingualism of the UK’s towns and cities, and to demonstrate the links between languages and creativity.