Calling All Authors!

Do you want to publish your books in English?
Our new ‘AUTHORS’ PITCHES’ PAGE is for you!

Rosie Goldsmith, Director European Literature Network

Dear Authors of European Literature,

Here at ELNet Headquarters we receive large numbers of emails, pitches, PDFs and proofs of potentially wonderful books from you who, as authors, would understandably like to be published and translated into English. We are flattered and grateful to you for contacting us, and very impressed, but we are also deeply frustrated because we don’t have time to help each of you individually. ELNet is intended as a free hub and networking site for you to promote your own books, translations and events and to share your own needs and news, not for us to do that for you, much as we’d like to.

So, here’s how we can help: We’ve created a new section on our website called ‘Authors’ Pitches’ for you to make a professional pitch of your book to your ideal publisher (s) in the UK. Test your pitch on colleagues and native English speakers before contacting us. To make your pitch more effective please supply a short biography and an author photo (if you wish) as well as up to 500 words describing your book and up to 1000 words of sample translation in English. Then email us via the website contact. If we like your pitch, and it ticks the boxes, we will publish it (unedited) on our website and will alert relevant editors, agents, translators and publishers via email and social media. After that it’s up to you. In this way you will have a published pitch as your ‘calling card’.

This is a great opportunity. Our website is the main networking hub for European Literature in Translation in the UK, with several hundred registered members and up to ten thousand hits a month.

By Rosie Goldsmith

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