Bare Lit Festival

Last year, the UK’s three largest literary festivals featured over 2000 authors. Of those 2000+ authors, only 4% were from Black Caribbean, Black African, South Asian or East Asian backgrounds, based on a report published by Spread The Word.

Bare Lit Festival wants to change that.

February 2016 sees the debut of a new literary festival focused entirely on writers of colour to highlight the amazing work being produced by Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic writers. Bare Lit Festival put together an exciting programme of performances, panels and conversations on Second Generation Poets in Exile, Liberation in Literature, and Sci Fi & Afrofuturism, amongst others.

26-28 February at Free Word Centre and the Betsey Trotwood pub next door (56 Farringdon Rd
London, EC1 3BL)

More information here.

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