Annette Zeelenberg

Annette Zeelenberg (1961) is fascinated by the power of words: they can be used to create an entire world, and are able to evoke the most intimate feeling of compassion with people one has never met in real life. As such, in these times of confrontation, suspicion and fear for `the other’, literature is more important than ever before.

Annette pursued a university education (Leiden University) in English language and literature, and did a post-doc study at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, focusing on American war novels. After a career as an English-language journalist reporting Dutch news and as an editor at Unicef, she now works as a freelance journalist and copy writer. A quiet departure is her first novel (2010), Hotel Zero (2013) her second. She is currently working on shorter pieces, but has a new novel in mind.

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