#RivetingReads: Deborah Langton recommends ALL FOR NOTHING by Walter Kempowski

On the surface this appears to be a depiction of the final stages of a long war. Below that surface we find a beautifully lyrical account of a family’s attempt, together with its retainers, to cling on to some semblance of normality when everything around them is falling apart. I enjoyed the work so much that I re-read it almost immediately.

Recommended by Deborah Langton

Read The German Riveter here.

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Written by Walter Kempowski

Translated by Anthea Bell 

Published by Granta (2015)

Deborah Langton has been translating widely since 2011 and has completed three book-length translations: Stalingrad – the Loneliest Death by C Fromm; Seeds of Wrath – Egypt between Revolt and Reality by Matthias Rathmer, and most recently the first English translation of a book originally published in 1915, Mein Ligurisches Heim by Alfons von Mumm.

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